WOW, thank you so much. That was absolutely beautiful and soothing! I could listen to your voice all day! So relaxing, headache gone! Thank you.

Yogabliss with Nina is a real delight. I have been attending her hotyoga and NIDRA, my favourite one, classes for nearly 2 years. I always feel better and it helps me a lot. Yoga is for everyone. Try it! Highly recommended. Microscopic changes class per class, but you will get there. Slowly but surely your soul will ask you for more of her classes. Each day, each class is different. I like to feel invigorated, clear mind and recharged with a glow. Nina’s voice really touches my heart space. Learn to let it go, go with the flow of her tones. Many thanks Nina.
— Federico Sommariva

I discovered Yin yoga and Nidra during the most stressful and challenging point in my career. Not only did Nina’s class give me the held space I needed to stretch out the tension, it also provided a safe space for me to be gentle and reconnect with myself mentally and emotionally. Nidra became a haven for me to forgive and be kind to myself. I attended as many classes as possible because time spent in Nina’s classes became a precious escape from demands and unrealistic expectations and gave me the gift of peace. It was through Nidra that I remembered and rediscovered how to be present”
— -Peta Barrett

If I miss a Yin and Nidra class I feel it more than missing any other activity in my life. Yin and Nidra ground and centre my body, mind and soul as if giving those three elements of myself a space and permission to connect
— Peta Barrett

Like many people I sit at a computer for long hours, which is strenuous and damaging. Yin and Nidra classes with Nina have helped me reverse that damage. After a year of at least one class a week my hips are open, I experience less back pain and I am able to calm and focus by using my breath.
— Peta Barrett
This meditation is amazing! I felt so energized that I was able to fit a lot into my day. I think it was one of the most productive days in years. Tasks I dreaded doing felt fun and easy to me. I used this meditation today as well and I feel that blissful energy coursing through me again. Thank you so much!
— Raquel, Folsom, CA