Yoga Classes

I teach several public Yoga classes each week across London. Below are descriptions of the styles and classes I teach. To find out where and when these take place see my schedule.



Yogabliss with Nina is my unique class, adaptable to suit anyone and everyone, regardless of age, disabilities, location. It can be customised to suit individuals or groups.  Everyone, regardless of their ability or background, deserve equal access to yoga.


Yin & Yang Yoga

A fusion of energising, dynamic and invigorating vinyasa poses, flowing into a slow Yin sequence, where hold poses longer using props calming the mind and body. 


Chair Yoga

In my Chair Yoga class we use chair support to combine a variety of seated and standing poses. Chair yoga is especially helpful for people who cannot get up and down on the floor.


Vinyasa Flow

In a Vinyasa flow class, movement and asanas are linked with the breathe, transitioning in and out of poses creating a flow. We will move through each pose with awareness and personal alignment.


Vinyasa Mindful

A slower, flow linking the mind, breath and movement. 


Yin/ Yoga Nidra

Yin yoga is a slow paced, deep and mindful practice in which floor based postures can be held from 2-8 minutes. Enabling stillness to arrive in the physical body, paying attention to what is here and now. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a practice that anyone can do. It is a powerful yet simple meditation technique that promotes deep rest and relaxation.